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More than a decade ago, I began documenting the everyday comings and goings, the patterns, and textures of Chinatown. I wanted to capture the beauty and tenderness of the everyday lives of the people in this ever-changing neighborhood.

I observe a closely-knit community—street conversations and greetings, feelings of intimacy, and a sense of belonging. Fragments of life are contained in a momentary glance: an old set of doorbells, textured walls of murals, or a street vendor’s wares. I respond to a quality of light, a form, a vivid color, a texture or a gesture. I want to reveal the soul of the inanimate objects as well as the people I encounter. The overlooked objects, the eclectic buildings and the unknown people of various generations are all part of the small stories that make up the big picture defining San Francisco's unique and diverse Chinese community.

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